FreeFalcon V21-1

The New Standard When Working At Height

With the physical power of leverage and the latest safety technology, it provides optimum protection when working at any height. With a total weight of just 450 kg, this makes it a perfect mobile fall protection device for work on any construction site. With the help of a standard pallet truck, it can always be transported to its place of use. Intuitive handling allows users to work quickly and safely. This means that the FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21 - 1 has to be lifted only once on to a site with a crane and then be allowed to work independently. It provides maximum safety with overhead protection and is 360° fully rotatable to ensure an optimal working radius. This is the first solution that combines mobility and security in this area worldwide. As professionals in the construction industry, we know what matters, we are always looking for the most effective solution and when it comes to safety when working at height, we have finally found it: FreeFalcon - Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21- 1

The Advantages for you at a glance

Maximum Safety

with overhead protection

Unrestricted freedom of movement

360˚ fully rotatable and has up to a 7m working radius

Ready for immediate use

does not require anchoring, no structural pre-planning required

Fully mobile

transportable via a standard pallet truck

Technical Information

Diameter: 2,25 m
Height: 2,35 m
Weight: 450kg
Norm: DIN EN 795 : 2012 Type E
External Certificates: DEKRA
External Regulations: BGBau (D) SUVA (CH) and BauV (A)

Effective in any Area of Application

The FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21-1 just needs the help of a crane to be placed on the work surface, such as slab formwork panels, then the FreeFalcon can be moved at any time without much effort using a standard pallet truck. This allows access to an area of unlimited square footage.

“Precision In Everything We Do”

The FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21-1 has been designed with a passion for detail because we care about your safety.

The Safety Unit

The Safety Unit is the crucial core element of the FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor. For damping and protection against corrosion, the inner area is hermetically sealed with hydraulic oil. After exceeding the load capacity, the system is activated, here the release valve is opened, the oil on the pressure oil side flows via the hydraulic system through the expansion tank to the suction oil side of the safety unit. Due to this technical achievement are we able to guarantee you flexibility when working. Due to the overhead PPE facility are there no additional danger spots caused by safety lines lying on the ground.


Our products are exclusively “Made in Germany” this guarantees quality assurance.
The intuitive easy handling of our product is almost self explanatory. We use the best materials and the most advanced processing methods. Only this guarantees a product that works in every application area.

Shift of the Center of Gravity

By shifting the Center of Gravity, the FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21-1 is capable of securing nearly twice its own weight. With 750 kg of protection it is far above the value specified in DIN EN 795:2012 Type E.
This is possible through its specially designed Safety Unit. When the release force is exceeded, the spring effect forces the anchor mast into the adjacent position. Therefore a fall is additionally damped by this movement and swing falls can be prevented.

An optimal work safety is guaranteed.

Attached to the fully rotatable 360° anchor mast is the extension arm complete with fall arrester and safety lifeline

As soon as the automatic safety mechanism has been activitated, the FreeFalcon anchor mast begins to reposition itself backwards into its secured position

Once in its secured position the device cannot turn or move until the user has been safely recovered

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