Distributor Spotlight – Safework, Denmark

About Safework

Safework is a Danish supplier of fall protection solutions, collective hedging, ladders and stair solutions. Acquired in late 2011 by Jan Dalgaard Safework ApS continues to grow from strength to strength. The company has built a large customer base by specialising in the sale and production of fall protection equipment and systems. With their many years of experience in the field, they continuously strive to provide tailor-made equipment solutions of the highest quality.

Safework & FreeFalcon Partnership

Safework is proactive in searching for the next best solutions available on the market to diversify and meet their client/customer needs. In 2020, Safework discovered our company; FreeFalcon and were intrigued by our innovative mobile fall protection anchor. Safework’s clients wanted the company to source a fall protection system that could increase productivity onsite.

The FreeFalcon exceeded their expectations and sets a new standard when working from height. The FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor boasts many unique characteristics. These characteristics were designed to close the gap on existing fall protection equipment on the market. The FreeFalcon does not need any pre-planning procedures such as casting concrete before use of the system. Instead, it can be easily lifted via a crane on deck to begin work. The FreeFalcon is specifically designed for protection of one operator at a time with overhead protection. Overhead protection assures maximum safety using approved PPE fall arresters with a max cable length of 9m. Overhead protection not only maximises safety by eliminating trip risks with wires running along the ground, but also when a fall is triggered on an overhead protection device it reduces minimum clearance distance, the risk of swing falls and eliminates the severity of injuries.

Safeworks-FreeFalcon-Distributor-Delivery 2

Safework, as a leading manufacturer, retailer and credible partner do not compromise on the quality of products and services that they provide. The FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor fits into Safeworks product portfolio effortlessly as it was designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and skilled engineers with customer/client needs at the forefront.

Safework is an exclusive distributor of Vertic’s fall protection systems and products in Denmark in addition to being FreeFalcon’s highly reputable partner. The company is meticulous when reviewing products that they are willing to distribute, they ensure all products supplied are CE marked, meaning that the equipment’s properties have been tested, labelled and approved in accordance with European and Danish Standards. The CE approval also means that all equipment should be quality assured annually to retail the CE marking. Safework is certified to perform these statutory inspections and offers all their customers to register their equipment so that this can be monitored and reviewed to ensure safety standards are met and equipment is always ready to use.


Safework also offer courses for training users of fall protection equipment and training users in rescue after fall accidents. These courses go hand in hand with supplying important safety equipment which reinforces the company’s’ professionalism in supplying safety equipment and delivering training to ensure due diligence. We at FreeFalcon are pleased to have such a cautious and highly established partner join our distribution network. We have the confidence that Safework will increase our brand awareness within the Danish market and inform and train users of the system effectively. If you’re located in Denmark or surrounding areas and wish to learn more about Safework and FreeFalcon, get in touch!


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