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FreeFalcon - Mobile Fall Protection Anchor

The new standard when working at height

FreeFalcon V21-1

Mobile Fall Protection Anchor On Formwork Panels

FreeFalcon V21-2

Fall Protection Anchor For Reinforcing Bars

"Safety is not just common sense, safety is a principle, especially within the construction industry."

FreeFalcon - Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21-1
On Formwork Panels

The FreeFalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor V21-1 just needs the help of a crane to be placed on the work surface, such as slab formwork panels, then the FreeFalcon can be moved at any time without much effort using a standard pallet truck. This allows access to an area of unlimited square footage.

“From Experience Comes Innovation
Safety Redesigned"

FreeFalcon - Fall Protection Anchor V21-2
For Reinforcing Bars

All formwork construction is individual. For this reason, it goes without saying that we want to provide optimum fall protection for the entire area. With the safe but also consistent further development of the first Freefalcon Mobile Fall Protection Anchor, we show that working at height safety can be managed with our device, even on a wide variety of surfaces.

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In our production in material processing, we guarantee the highest manufacturing precision by using the most advanced technology. We are committed to detail and place great importance on carrying out our work steps from development, production and assembly to quality assurance at our sites worldwide.

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